Work / Adtrak
Jan 2020


At the start of 2020, Adtrak underwent a rebrand. I was assigned the task of designing the company a new website which focused on lead generation.

Understanding the User

The first stage of the redesign was a workshop meeting to gain a greater of understanding our existing users and how they were navigating the site. Using analytics we create profiles, or personas, of the different users to help us gain insight on how they browse our current site and where we can improve the user flow.

Good design solves a problem so the next stage of the workshop is about removing those problems and ensuring the user can quickly and easily navigate through the content they want to see, before being encouraged to make a conversion.

As a full-service marketing agency we had to create case studies that appealed to all potential clients.

Search Engine Visibility

Early on in the process we decided more importance needed to be placed on the service pages of the site. Previously we only had a few key services listed with a small amount of information which made it hard for us to rank and reduced visibility in search engines.

We added in some extra service pages and increased the level of information given on the key ones. Showing off our work as well as explaining the benefits of each service in detail has ensured these pages have now become vital for converting users.

Nottingham, UK
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