Work / Alasdair Purkis
May 2021

Alasdair Purkis

A good friend and an incredible photographer; Alasdair came to me looking for a website to showcase his work, and to sell his prints.

Research Based Design

I started this project by creating a questionnaire for Alasdair to fill in. This helps me to understand the brief a bit more and I ask questions about the primary aims of the site, as well as questions about his target market and any specific design requests he might have. 

I do this on all of my projects and tailor the questions to suit. Due to the nature of this project it was a straightforward questionnaire and I could get right into design.

Great Imagery Needs to Stand Out

I designed the site to ensure that the imagery is the focus of the users' attention. Big bold image sections are complimented through minimal typography.

A sticky buy prints button ensures the user always has the ability to access the print shop. And each project finishes with a link to the next to ensure the journey around the site can continue easily.

Nottingham, UK
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